Cathance Fitness Center

Access Card


To enter the Cathance Fitness Center you must have an active Access Card to scan at the door for entry. Access Cards are a one-time purchase regardless of the membership you are purchasing and can be reactivated if renewing a membership.

This Access Card page is for replacing lost or stolen cards only. Purchasing this access card is only permitted unless you have an active membership and all other access cards connected to your account will be disconnected. Multiple cards can be purchased based on your current active membership. If you have an individual membership only one access card can be purchased. If you purchase more cards than your membership allows we will refund you for the cost of the extra cards and give you the maximum access card amount based on your membership.

– Individual Membership: 1 Access Card
– Couples Membership: Up to 2 Access Cards
– Family Membership: Up to 4 Access Cards