Cathance Fitness Center

Membership Information

Memberships – The Cathance Fitness Center offers five different membership options for those looking to become members: An individual membership, a seniors individual membership, a couples membership, a senior couples membership, and a family membership. Each membership offers a monthly, single year, or single month purchase option. The monthly option is only credit card or debit card (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard only) and will be auto-renewed every 30 days after purchase until the membership is cancelled. The single year and single month options accept cash on delivery or a card and these memberships will expire automatically after the given time for the option selected. These options must be manually renewed in your My Account page or by purchasing a new membership at the end of your membership period.

Access to the gym fitness center requires both an active membership and an active Access Card. If a membership is cancelled or expires the membership will remain active until the end of the purchased period along with the Access Cards associated with the membership. Once a membership reaches the end of its paid period the membership will expire and your Access Card will be set to an inactive state. You will no longer be able to scan into the gym’s back entrance and only the front desk door will be accessible to you. If a payment fails to go through on a card, or if you fail to provide cash payment for single month or single year memberships, then your membership will be put on hold and your Access Cards will be set to an inactive state. Cash on delivery or check payment orders will begin their memberships at the time the check or cash is delivered to the front desk at the Cathance Fitness Center and continue until 30 days for single month memberships, or 365 days for single year memberships.

If you want to purchase a membership in person you can do so by visiting the front desk for the Cathance Fitness Center. A computer will be available for you to register for the site, complete your waiver, select your membership and Access Card, and make a payment. Cash or card payments are accepted for single year and single month options, but monthly auto-renew memberships must pay with a credit or debit card.

To check the status of your membership you can navigate to your My Account page after logging to the site and clicking on the “Your Memberships” link in the side menu (on desktop, mobile users will see the menu at the top). To manually renew your membership click on the “Your Orders” link and you can renew your single month or single year memberships from there. Memberships for monthly auto-renew, single month, or single year can be cancelled at any time, but the membership and Access Cards will continue to be active for the duration of the paid period until the membership is expired. Refunds will not be given for canceling a membership before the end of the paid period for remaining time left on the membership.

Individual Membership – 18 years of age or older. Cannot be transferred to another individual.

Couple Membership – Two adults living in the same household. Membership valid for only the two of the original signers of the account.

Family Membership – One or two adults living in the same household and up to 4 children*, 11-years and up. All children under the age of 18 must have parent sign off on all documents. Parents must acknowledge that they are taking responsibility for the actions and behaviors of the child while on the property or in the facility, even when they are not present.

*Children over the age of 5 may accompany parents to the facility without paid (family) membership, but they are prohibited from using fitness equipment, must be visually supervised at all times, and must not have behaviors that are discourteous or disruptive to other fitness center users. Children age 11-years and up must have paid membership and must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member.

Senior Membership – Individuals age 65 and up.

Bowdoin/Bowdoinham Firefighter & EMS Membership – Current and active members of these organizations receive free membership. Spouses and families are not eligible for this benefit unless they are also active members of the organization.

Silver Sneakers – Cathance Fitness Center is a proud partner of Tivity Health. Together we work to bring the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program to our members and the public. For the young at heart, the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is an innovative health, exercise, and wellness program helping older adults live healthy, active lifestyles. Our SilverSneakers® program provides group fitness classes, activities, and socials for seniors through approved insurance providers that include and Humana, Aetna, and some AARP programs. Call your insurance company to see if yours covers SilverSneakers. Not covered by insurance? Class is only $2 per session. Check your eligibility here:

If you plan to use SilverSneaker insurance to pay for a membership, choose to either pay by cash or check during checkout, then provide your insurance number to the front desk upon arrival to begin your membership period.

Access Cards – To enter the Cathance Fitness Center you must have an active Access Card to scan at the door for entry. Access Cards are a one-time purchase regardless of the membership you are purchasing and can be reactivated if renewing a membership. Access Cards can be purchased during checkout and they will remain active as long as your membership is active as well. If you have an existing Access Card that needs to be reactivated, select the option “My Access Card Needs To Be Reactivated” during checkout for your membership. The number of Access Cards you can order is based on the membership you are purchasing: 1 for single memberships, 2 for couples memberships, and up to 4 for family memberships. You have the option of picking up your Access Card in person at the Cathance Fitness Center at the front desk or having it shipped to you free of charge. If you want the card shipped to you (U.S. and Canada only) then you must provide shipping details in the checkout page and select the “Ship My Access Card To Me” option in the same page before submitting the order. If you only need to order a new Access Card while having an active membership or if you have any other special requests contact or call 666-5651 ext 1000 for assistance.


Access to the gym fitness center requires an active membership.

Please note we are no longer allowing members to bring guests-everyone must sign up for a membership to use the facility.

One-month memberships are available!

Gym Waivers – Before purchasing a membership you will need to complete an online waiver form. You can access the waiver forms by logging in to the site and clicking on the waiver links in the side menu (on desktop, mobile users will see the menu at the top) in the My Account page. You can check to see if you have signed a waiver in this section and your My Account Dashboard. You will have to be registered on the site and logged in to view and complete the gym waiver for the membership you want to purchase. If the appropriate waiver has not been signed the site will prompt you to complete it before checking out and completing purchase. For couples and family memberships, the membership account owner will be signing the waiver and be responsible for the other members listed in the membership waiver. Membership purchases and membership waivers can only be completed by individuals who are 18 years or older. If you require assistance with gym waivers contact or call 666-5651 ext 1000 for help.