Welcome to the  Cathance Fitness Center!

We are located at:

1201 Main Street

Bowdoin, Maine 04287

Formerly the Bowdoin Elementary School, now FHC & the Cathance Fitness Center, off of route 125!

Come and view the facility during our office hours (8:00AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday)!

 Contact Reception at 666-5651 ext 1000 or Reception@fh-co.com  with membership questions.

Member hours are 4:00AM-10:00PM DAILY!

To sign up, re-start your membership, receive or re-activate your key card, see the Receptionist located at the FHC Visitor Entrance located in the back, right side of the building. 


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am looking to re activate my gym membership and I will also need a new card. My work schedule makes it very hard for me to stop by during office hours. Is there any chance I could receive the the necessary forms through email, fill them out and fax or email them back?

  2. Hi Brian!
    You can absolutely reactive your gym membership. The only issue I can see would be getting a new access card to you, if you can’t come into the facility. Please email Jessy at jbosse@fh-co.com and we can figure something out for you!


  3. Hi Lisa!

    If you would like an emailed or mailed receipt, we would be happy to send that to you! Please email Jessy at jbosse@fh-co.com with specific dates and we can send those out right away!

    Thank you!

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